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Don't be square, shoot with a 6x6 medium format Hasselblad!

My gear:


HASSELBLAD 501c                   sn 17EI12398  (1994)

Film Magazine A12N                 sn 30EI67950

Film Magazine A12N                 sn 30EP46954

Lens 50mm CF T* Distagon 4    sn 6925687  (1985)

Lens 60mm CF T* Distagon 3,5  sn 7394020  (1993)

Lens 80mm C T* Planar 2,8     sn 7502045  (1995)

Lens 150mm CF T* Sonnar 4     sn 8147389  (1998)

FUJI Panorama G617 Professional       sn 8062048

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